1. I Put my ALL Into Everything I Do.

Be prepared. I’m extremely passionate about my music, and I only work on projects where I can put my all into it. If there’s a project that needs to be at 80% quality to cut costs to cut down on time or because it’s not that important, it’s time for us to have a discussion.



2. I Believe in Militant Transparency 

As they say, “assuming” just makes an “ass” out of “u” and “me”. I believe in a clear line of dialogue. We’re in this together, so let’s work it out, baby.



3. No Project is Too Big or Too Small

As a veteran video producer myself, I’ve been there. You have a “tight budget”. You have a fast turnaround. Whatever your case may be, know that I am always willing to have a conversation. I may not be the right composer, but our conversation may spark an idea that will fit your project or lead to an alternative solution. So before you assume that your project doesn’t fit my composing abilities, let’s first have a conversation about it.



4. Setting Expectations. Quality, Cheap, Fast: Pick 2

As much as we’d like to have everything we want all the time, we just can’t. I think we can both agree it’s fair that you understand the above rule and set realistic expectations. Want a quality sounding track that can be turned around in a day, I will be putting 100% into it, but it’s not going to be cheap. If you want a cheap, quality track, you can’t expect it to take just a day or two. Let’s work together to find a middle ground.



5. Life’s Too Short to Work for A$$HOLES

I think we can all agree with this statement. I know an asshole when I meet one, so if you’re an asshole that’s looking for music for a video for their asshole-run company, then you might want to look elsewhere for music.



6. Interesting Projects Only Please

Music production is extremely enjoyable and fulfilling to me. Every project is like solving a new puzzle. How can we make the video “click”? How can we create a sound, beat, or musical phrase that is uniquely suited for your video? However, if it’s a project that involves less creativity, if it doesn’t benefit and progress the human race in any way, or if it’s simply just not fun, then it doesn’t sound like I’m your guy for the job.



7. Treat Everyone Like the Messiah

Borrowing a page from one of the companies with whom I work, The Unreasonable Institute, I treat everyone with respect. When we meet to discuss a project, I not only appreciate your past work, but the future and potential of our new relationship for years to come. I also treat my co-workers with the same respect.



8.  Ubuntu, The S-List, and the Power of a Network

I had the privilege of meeting and interviewing Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and one of the most profound things I learned from him was the power of Ubuntu. It’s a Swahili word that simply means “I am because we are”. I wholeheartedly believe in this philosophy. I don’t see myself as a lone wolf composer. I see myself as a gateway into a larger network of resources. So in that regard, my successes are our successes.


Along the same line as Ubuntu, I also believe in the S-List (aka the Sh&! list). NO ONE wants to be on an S-List, so don’t be that guy, and I will work my best to not be that guy too.
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