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Mark Crawford – Composer, Filmmaker, Artist

Mark Crawford is a composer, director, and producer that has traveled the world making films and absorbing cultures. His music and video work have been included in programs featured on National Geographic, IBM, Intel, Nike Foundation, Facebook commercials, Fast Company, and additional music for the feature documentary and 2017 Sundance audience award winner Chasing Coral as well as Chasing Ice that screened at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.  
He was previously the co-founder of Unreasonable Media, a production company dedicated to leveraging the power of stories to shift paradigms and solve problems. During his time with Unreasonable Media, he led teams and produced documentaries in 30 countries to date. In 2013, Mark directed a team of 10 incredible filmmakers as they sailed around the world for 4 months, documenting the stories of 11 entrepreneurs. He currently lives in Boulder, CO, where he composes from a home studio, enjoys the glorious outdoors, and works on projects with his wife and producing partner, Larissa Rhodes.

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