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What Works: Gender Equality by Design

  You are biased. So are the rest of us. It’s just how our brains are wired. And yet, we want to be able to work, learn, and live in a world that allows everyone an opportunity to succeed, no matter their age, race, or gender By changing our environment, behavioral design nudges our minds […]

Authentic Western Balkans

  I filmed, edited, and wrote music for this video. Discover pristine landscape and unspoiled coastlines, traditions preserved in a rapidly changing world and people who are ready to move beyond past difference and share their rich, authentic culture with the world. There is a little known place that’s seldom experienced: unique, raw, authentic. The […]

Angaza Design

  Here’s the most recent animation video we produced for an innovative solar company called Angaza Design. Unreasonable Media produced, MassFX Media did animation. Client: Angaza Design Produced by: Unreasonable Media Year: 2014

Mama Tang

  I composed for this short film as part of a San Francisco independent film coalition Director: Cathy Tang Year: 2014

National Geographic: What is the Polar Vortex?

See the full post on National Geographic’s Video Page A short animation produced for Earth Vision Trust. Featured on National Geographic’s video homepage. Client: Earth Vision Trust Year: 2014 Produced by: Exposure Labs  

On the Line (Short Documentary, 2008)

For months, performers in the Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble sacrifice their education, jobs, and personal lives to come together and practice, perform, and perfect one eight minute high-intensity drumming show. These performers vary in age, experience, and musical background. The film will follow the Blue Knights from their early rehearsals to their final performance at […]