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Authentic Western Balkans

  I filmed, edited, and wrote music for this video. Discover pristine landscape and unspoiled coastlines, traditions preserved in a rapidly changing world and people who are ready to move beyond past difference and share their rich, authentic culture with the world. There is a little known place that’s seldom experienced: unique, raw, authentic. The […]

Angaza Design

  Here’s the most recent animation video we produced for an innovative solar company called Angaza Design. Unreasonable Media produced, MassFX Media did animation. Client: Angaza Design Produced by: Unreasonable Media Year: 2014

The Daily Grind (Short Musical, 2007)

  A musical comedy about an imaginative barista that escapes his mundane job. Scored, shot, cut in 24 hours as an entry for Apple’s 2007 Insomnia Film Festival. The required elements we have included are: Character: Robin Darjeeling Costume: Tuxedo Dialogue: “Don’t tempt me” Narrative Device: Dream Sequence Placed #9 most watched/popular/voted on movie in […]

Chadder’s Big Adventure (2005-2012)

  This is one of the many videos I’ve scored that is part of a kid’s series called Chadder’s Big Adventure. I have scored a total of 8 seasons of Chadder’s Big Adventure each with a different theme including western, island, bayou, south east asian, classic horror, pirates, reality TV, and medieval. Kids/cartoon series are […]

Guardsman Limited (Commercial, 2012)

  If you were living in Jamaica in 2012, and going to a movie theater, you’d be hearing and seeing this playing as one of the pre-screening advertisements. I’m sure if I visit, I’d be treated as a celebrity. Director: Andrew Ratzlaff Composer: Mark Crawford

The Way (Book Trailer, 2012)

  I had the pleasure of scoring a trailer for the book The Way, featured on Oprah’s book list. Official Site Client: Kristen Wolf Composer: Mark Crawford Produced by: Mark Crawford and Larissa Rhodes