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Other People’s Money (Short Narrative, 2011)

A banker's son doesn't take the loss of his inheritance lightly in this story that takes the financial crisis into the home.
  • Director: Neal Ficker
  • Composer: Mark Crawford
  • Year: 2011

SAP Big Data and Real Time Analytics (Animation, 2012)

I drew inspiration from music from The Sims video games by Steve Jablonsky. I love that plucky muzak style.

End Distracted Driving Public Service Announcement (Commercial, 2013)

  • Client: Enddd.org
  • Year: 2013
  • Composer: Mark Crawford
  • Chadder’s Big Adventure (2005-2012)

    This is one of the many videos I've scored that is part of a kid's series called Chadder's Big Adventure. I have scored a total of 8 seasons of Chadder's Big Adventure each with a different theme including western, island, bayou, south east asian, classic horror, pirates, reality TV, and medieval. Kids/cartoon series are some of the most fun projects that I've had the pleasure to score!
    • Client: Group Publishing
    • Composer: Mark Crawford
    • Years: 2005-2012

    A few select songs from 8 seasons:

    The Torturer (Horror Feature Film, 2008)

    This was the first feature film I scored, and lucky me, it was a horror film. The horror film genre is one of the more fun genres for which I compose. The movie is available at Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Amazon, and Target.
    • Official Website
    • Director: Graham Green
    • Main Composer: Mark Crawford
    • Release Date: 2008

    Blackboard Mobile Learn for iPad (Commercial, 2012)

    • Client: Blackboard
    • Director: Jeff Orlowski
    • Composer: Mark Crawford