The Bus Boy (2019)

Directed by Andrew Ackerman

Bobby Stuckey is a world-renowned sommelier and restauranteur who puts his guests first nearly all hours of the day. With an extraordinary work ethic and an obsession with impeccable service, Bobby has created one of Colorado’s most highly respected restaurants. In The Bus Boy, Bobby fights to maintain balance in his personal life as his collections of restaurants and wine labels, as well as his own ambition, continues to grow.

As a Master Sommelier, Bobby is a member of one of the most exclusive groups on the planet—only 260 individuals have achieved the qualification worldwide—and rising to the top of that highly selective society is a singular achievement. Becoming a Master Sommelier requires a major degree of self-sacrifice, and in this film, we get a chance to understand the sacrifices Bobby has made to reach the zenith of his craft. Over the course of the story, we learn about Bobby’s punk rock roots, his struggles in school, and his journey as a professional cyclist and wine director at the French Laundry.

A recent fascination with restaurants and the people who run them has fueled a demand for food and chef focused content. Throughout the film, we go behind the scenes of Bobby’s flagship restaurant, Frasca, and experience a night both in the heat of the kitchen and in the front of the house. The film provides a chance for foodies and taste-bud amateurs alike to appreciate each step that goes into a world class dining experience.

Outside of the restaurant, we are made aware the sacrifices Bobby and his family continue to make. A glance into the emptiness of his own kitchen reveals the strain that his career places on his marriage. Rather than shy away from the tensions at home, we see Bobby’s growth as he builds a new restaurant and schedule – one that includes dinner plans with his wife. The Bus Boy is a true look inside greatness including both the drive and sacrifice required to get there.

Premiered at the 2019 Napa Valley Film Festival.

Now available on Somm TV