Wild: A Safari Experience at Illuminarium

Now playing at the BeltLine in Atlanta, GA and Area 51 in Las Vegas

During the summer of 2021, I embarked on the most technically ambitious composing project to date for The Illuminarium’s first show in Atlanta, GA. The Illuminarium is an immersive sensory experience that uses 4K laser projection and 3D audio to transport audiences on a journey, and in this case, to experience wildlife on an African safari. For the score, I got to dust off my percussion skills, and dive deeper into the brilliantly complex world of African percussion with collaborators Adjei Abankwah and Fodey Coly, as well as (virtually) record with kora musician Kadialy Kouyate and cellist Michelle Packman to create a score for a 64-channel audio beam mix that makes audiences feel like they’re “inside the music”

Here’s a look at the music process for the score: